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Media & Press

Chapka Interview Helpx Australia
Chapka Facebook Feature WHV Australia
100% Pure New Zealand Feature NZ
Idealo Interview NZ
Chapka Interview Helpx NZ
PureNewZealand --- New Zealand Official
Contiki --- Travel Tours & Adventures for 18-35's
TopitoVoyage --- Travel Community
ExploreParksWA --- Western Australia National Parks Official
AbcAustralia --- Australia Media
DestinationGeraldton --- Geraldton (Western Australia) Official
VisitKatherine --- Katherine (Northern Territory Australia) Official
TourismAU --- Travel Agency Australia
AussieBucketList --- Travel Agency Australia
ExperienceOZ --- Travel Agency Australia
OZExperience --- Travel Agency Australia
GoStudyAustralia --- Langage Trip Organization
Peterpans Adventure Travel --- Travel Agency
TravelAndChillMagazine --- Travel Media
HikingHeartBeat --- Outdoor Community
WomenWhoHikeAustralia --- Outdoor Women Community
RomanticExplorers --- Travel Couple Community
TheBiminiSands --- Bahamas Hotel
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